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Dreams about weddings – what do they mean? (Dream interpretation wedding, wedding ceremony, marriage, proposal, being proposed to)

Dream interpretation wedding (ceremony, marriage, proposal). If you are being proposed to in a dream or if you are getting married in a dream, it may symbolize a few things. Firstly, it might symbolize a wish of yours – especially if the person proposing to you or the person you are getting married to is someone you would like to form a more profound relationship with in real life. However, there are more and less obvious interpretations of wedding/proposal dreams.

Proposal/wedding as a test of commitment. Being proposed to in a dream might be an image of something from the outside testing your commitment. This might be another person, a potential employer, or a project you are thinking about getting involved in. How much do you actually want this job/project? Your reaction in the dream will reveal how you really feel about what the proposer/groom/bride represents. The same is true for an actual wedding; what are you feeling during the ceremony? Do you seem interested at all? Are you hesitating or are you thrilled and happy? These emotions work as a guide to what you really think about the commitment in your awake life that you have either accepted or are about to decide upon.

When trying to understand your dreams it is important to know that your dreams are… your dreams. As such, you are the best person to figure out the true meaning of your dreams.

However, it is important to learn how to generally approach your dreams. Dream dictionaries like this one are only a supplement, and if you want to fully utilize the potential of your dreams, you should start at a different place.

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A union of inner aspects/opposites
. A wedding in a dream may also symbolize that aspects of yourself are coming together or coming to an agreement of sorts. It may be that you are finally able to come to terms with your inner critic or your inner materialist (or perhaps the opposite, the part of you seeking meaning in things). You might also be uniting with your inner police man, or your inner artist, musician or singer.

From a traditional Jungian perspective, the ceremony could be a symbol of the union with the part of you that represents the opposite sex (if you are a man, your feminine side, and if you are a woman, your masculine side). This is especially true if you are marrying a person that you either don’t know or an acquaintance you don’t really know anymore.

Dream dictionaries are a very helpful tool when interpreting dreams. However, generally learning how to approach your dreams, will give you a better foundation for understanding them. My online course “Unlock your DREAMlife” teaches you how to much better utilize – recall and understand – your dreams.

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NOTE: Dream interpretation isn’t always easy, and it is crucial that the dreamer feels that the interpretation applies to him/her. This is a good sign that the interpretation is right.