Michael R Olsen

Michael Rohde Olsen is an expert, researcher and speaker on unconsious intelligence and (nightly) dreams.

It is Michael’s mission to generate an increased interest in unconscious intelligence and dreams, and that everyone naturally should be able to recall, understand and actively use their dreams (their unconcious intelligence). All in order to live a much more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Michael is daily in dialogue with people who have dreamt, and who wants to be helped to understand their dreams. Via his talks and publications (books and online courses), he inspires many people to use their unconscious intelligence to a much higher degree.

Michael holds a a bachelor’s degree in psychology, an MBA, and conducts scientific research in dreams in collaboration with Lund University, Sweden. He himself is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Your dreams are an invaluable source of (unknown) knowledge about yourself
Michael Rohde
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