Michael R. Olsen

Michael Rohde Olsen is igniting the corporate world with the power of dreams. He is a dream scientist, best-selling author, and awarded speaker in sleeping intelligence and nocturnal dreams (dream expert).

Michael holds a Master of Science in International Business and a Bachelor of Psychology. He originally worked in various leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry (sales and marketing, American Eli Lilly, also in the US and Singapore), and he later worked as project management and leadership training consultant in the consulting industry. In 2012 he established his own company DreamAlive, and have focused on sleeping intelligence / dreams since then.

He has received a prestigious Danish award for his abilities as a speaker, and he was the charismatic and emphatic host at "The Dream Mirror" - a weekly national Danish radio show on dreams that aired during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Via his highly engaging, eye-opening and research-based corporate talks, and through books and online courses, he inspires many people to use their sleeping intelligence to a much higher degree.

Your dreams are an invaluable source of (unknown) knowledge about yourself
Michael Rohde
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