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This course is for:

  • You that wants to know what your dreams are trying to tell you (and also wants to better recall your dreams).
  • You that experience a growing curiosity towards dreams, and want to understand how they can be extremely helpful in solving challenges you are currently facing, at the same time as being an honest guide when it comes to taking the right decision on a given personal or career related topic.


What you get from understanding your dreams:

Peace of mind – greater self-esteem

The biggest benefit of understanding your dreams is an enormous increase in personal insight.

When you get to know yourself a lot better, i.e. your strengths, and everything you also are (incl. less attractive elements of your personality), the immediate effect is higher self-acceptance.

You become a lot more okay with who you are, where you are at in life, and you feel much stronger and at peace.

Direction in life

Your dreams are constantly telling you whether you are headed in the right direction in life.

They tell you whether you are living your own life – or other people’s life.

Understanding your dreams helps you constantly do what is right for you – as opposed to often doing what other people expect you to do.

Better relations with others

When we embrace ourselves, and in our hearts understand that we are human, and thus perfect with all our faults, it becomes a lot easier to also accept that others have faults.

This is the reason why understanding – working with – your dreams leads to better and more intimate relations with others (which btw. is something found in scientific dream research).

Course content

Once you have access to the course you can immediately watch and listen to the following modules (please click each module to learn more)

  • The benefits of working with your dreams / utilizing your unconscious intelligence
  • Introduction to the DREAMlife Method (my own model for modern, genuine dreamwork), providing the structure for the course

Effective ways for increasing your dream recall (which is a lot more than “writing them down” – in fact, there’s an even better way, and hey – you need to have something to write down right?), and things to remember when documenting your dreams (it is not unimportant how you document them).

“When you dream of losing your teeth, a close family member will die tomorrow”… ?! I hope you can hear how this is not the right way to approach dreams. In this module I will take you through fundamental principles of modern (research-based) dreamwork.

Most dreams is a reflection of our waking life situation. There will thus almost always be a direct link from the dream to your waking, conscious life situation.

In this module you learn how to discover this link, enabling you to figure out what the dream is about, or is a comment on.

Dream language is nothing but AMAZING. It is extremely fascinating how dreams can be extraordinarily PRECISE in their way of illustrating something very important about our inner and outer life situation that we are currently not aware of. At the same time though, dream language can be hard to understand, at least to begin with.

In this module I introduce you to the general language of dreams. I also discuss the important topic; dream dictionaries – go or no go?

There are two fundamental ways of approaching your dreams when trying to understand them – the INNER and the OUTER angle. Both can be relevant at the same time.

In this module you learn what INNER and OUTER means, and we also touch upon the very important topic: how to interpret specific people appearing in your dreams (and no, given the above, people appearing in your dreams don’t always portray sides of yourself – this is a common misunderstanding.

  • Learn how to specifically ask your dreams to work on a given problem you have / a decision you are about to take – and wake up with an answer the next morning!
  • A one-pager of all the questions you can apply to a dream you’ve had, in order to arrive at a meaningful interpretation of the dream – faster.

What’s included

1. 17 engaging, short (~4 minute) videos, teaching you how to recall and understand your dreams.

dream interpretation course

2. The DREAMquestions Quick Sheet, containing all the simple questions you can apply to your dream in order to (much faster) arrive at a meaningful interpretation of it.course dream interpretation analysis best

3. BONUS: Mini-course on dream incubation – As an extra bonus, I have included two videos teaching you how to ask your dreams directly to work on a given problem – so that you wake up with an answer the next morning.

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You will learn:

  • How dreams - despite not appearing so at first glance - are always a reflection of your waking life situation (yes this is really so, and you will learn how to identify the waking life link of your dream).
  • How a dream should always be interpreted from 2 different angles - the outer and inner angle - and how most tend to apply just one of them often leading to wrong and misleading interpretations.
  • How to interpret specific things, happenings, people and animals appearing in your dreams (dream elements should rarely be interpreted on a 1:1-basis - i.e. "dreams about water are (always) about feelings" - this is not the case (seriously!).
  • How to know when you have arrived at the right interpretation of a dream.
What others have said:
“Thank you Michael for creating this course. It has made a huge difference for me both in terms of dream recall and figuring out what my dreams mean. I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in finding out what their dreams might be telling them.” (Rory)


“Thank you for enriching the world with a course like this Michael! It truly creates value in peoples lives – it sure has in mine!” (Jasmin)


“Wonderful online course!” (Gitte)



(After joining you will receive an e-mail giving you access to all the videos and the DREAMquestions Quick Sheet)