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How to understand - and recall! - your dreams
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An easily accessible step-by-step guide on how to understand your dreams (and find answers to your biggest life questions).

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Also includes:
"The DREAMquestions Quick Sheet"
(worth the investment in itself!) - the simple questions you can apply to a dream to understand its meaning faster.

In this online course you will learn:

  • How dreams - despite not appearing so at first glance - are always a reflection of your waking life situation (yes this is really so, and you will learn to identify the waking life link of your dream, that is, how your dream is a surprisingly precise description of something very important in your life right now that you are currently not aware of).
  • How a dream should always be interpreted from 2 different angles - the outer and inner angle - and how most tend to apply just one of them often leading to wrong and misleading interpretations, ultimately leading them to discard the dream since they don't find meaning in it (what a shame that is!).
  • How to interpret specific things, happenings, people and animals appearing in your dreams (no, dream elements should not be interpreted on a 1:1-basis - i.e. "dreams about water are (always) about feelings" - this is not the case (seriously!). You can however make use of good and serious dream dictionaries to learn the language of dreams, and thus find meaning in your dreams. In the course I will teach you how to do that.
  • How to know when you have arrived at the right interpretation of a dream. It is actually not very complicated, but extremely important to know when you have arrived at the most meaningful interpretation of your dream.
  • How to become much better at recalling your dreams, and how to document them in the best way (recording them instead of writing them down is my recommendation, I will show you why, just as I will show you what to be aware of when documenting them).
All of it in one package, easy for you to access and administer
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What others have said about Michael’s course


“I only have positive
things to say about this course”


Tina Randløv

The course provides a  solid and well-structured foundation for how to understand my dreams.

I am now much better able to understand my own dreams.

For instance, just a small thing like the importance of noticing feelings dominating the dream – instead of just interpreting the events and objects appearing in the dream.

I give my warmest recommendations to this formidable course!

”Wonderful online course!”


Gitte Skovmand

Through a well-structured course, you get a good understand of the – at the outset – complex world of dreams.

Seen from my point of view the course has completely cleared out stereotypical approaches to dream interpretation – this is serious stuff delivered in an engaging and easily accessible format!

One example is the module on the inner and outer interpretation of a dream, where I really get to understand how many possible interpretations there are of a single dream.

A super online course!

“Thank you for enriching the world with a course like this Michael! It truly creates value in peoples lives – it sure has in mine!”

Jasmin Søe

I have been extremely happy about Michael’s dream interpretation course.

In connection with losing a family member, who subsequently often appeared in my dreams, I was drawn into the world of dreams. What were my dreams trying to tell me?

In Michael’s online course I got all the tools and the insight needed to start interpreting my own dreams.

I can clearly recommend Michael’s course. It is easy to understand, and you can tell he has given attention to detail – and used time and dedicated his heart to it.

In straightforward language I teach you:

  • The most important (and very widespread) mistakes people make when trying to understand their dreams, often leaving them confused and thinking that dreams don't really mean anything (what a big mistake that is!)
  • How dreams insteadshould be interpreted, based on modern and proven (research-based) dream interpretation techniques. All of it structured around my model "The DREAMlife Method", consisting of four elements: RECALL the dream, DOCUMENT the dream, UNDERSTAND the dream, USE the dream.

I developed The DREAMlife Method because I, when I began my own dream journey 18 years ago, was missing a simple and easy-to-understand framework for dream interpretation.

When understanding your dreams and applying insights from them you will:

  • Get to know yourself (a lot) better - which in turn leads to an increase in self-esteem (a finding in scientific dream research). It is when you truly understand all aspects of yourself, the good ones and the "bad" ones, that you can fully acknowledge and accept yourself.
  • Experience a steady increase in inner peace and more and longer periods dominated by joy and happiness.
  • Understand how you have A LOT to offer this world (and how you - if you are like most - unconsciously tend to hinder yourself in doing so).
  • Experience better and more intimate (love) relationships (when we fully realize how we ourselves unconsciously contribute to the quality of a relationship, and how we cannot not only point fingers at the other person, the relationship improves instantly, or we avoid making the same mistakes in a new relationship).
(Your investment is 37 dollars)
online course dream interpretation serious easy

I have been there!

My journey with dreams began in 2002 when I started seeing a psychologist because of feelings of low-self esteem, and my love life not seeming to work out for me. On top of that I didn't know what to do with my life (right until a dream made it very clear that I was in the wrong career!).

The past 8 years I have worked professionally with dreams (I have studied dreams for 18 years). I have published two books about dreams (in Danish, currently in translation), and I do many talks about dreams at workplaces (proactive utilization of our unconscious intelligence as I call it in that setting). Besides this I am hosting my own show on dreams and dreamwork at one of the major national (Danish) radio stations.

I was originally trained at Copenhagen Business School (Master of Science in International Business), I later acquired a bachelor in psychology from Lund University (Sweden), and I also conduct scientific research in dreams.

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Your investment is 37 dollars.

When you in a few seconds decide that your life should (finally) contain more happiness, you get:

17 engaging, short, and to-the-point videos teaching you how to approach your dreams in order to understand them.

dream interpretation course

You can see or listen to the videos directly from your
personal online library via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You also get:

The DREAMquestions Quick Sheet – containing all the simple questions you can apply to your dream in order to (much faster) arrive at a meaningful interpretation of it.

course dream interpretation analysis best

You can download the quick sheet to your computer, tablet or smartphone,
and you can print it if you prefer a physical version.

Your investment in this course thus covers the 17 easy-to-understand
video-modules AND the DREAMquestions Quick Sheet that you can use for
easier and faster interpretation of your dreams.

Your one-time investment for learning how to understand your dreams and acquire the enormous insights and the happiness that comes from this?

37 dollars.

(which is about a quarter of the price you would normally pay
for a dream interpretation session – with this course you get the
best foundation for interpreting your dreams on your own)


And wait – there is more!

As an extra bonus you also, immediately after signing up, receive the below e-book, covering possible meanings of some of the most common dream themes like sex, infidelity, death, being pursued and running late:

dream interpretation top ten dream symbols meaning

(understanding how dreams communicate via images and
symbols is crucial – this e-book serves as a general introduction
to the language of dreams, giving you a great foundation
for understanding symbols appearing in your dreams)
Yes – please teach me how to understand my dreams>
(Your investment is 37 dollars)

Still in doubt whether you should jump at this offer?

Still needing arguments why this course should be your next investment in yourself?

  • Understanding your dreams leads to higher self-insight, higher self-esteem and better relations with others. This is something discovered in scientific dream research.
  • When getting to know yourself much better (the good AND the "bad"), you learn to accept yourself more.

    This in turn leads to higher self-esteem. You also understand how you are not perfect (you are just as perfect, fantastic, unique and wonderful as everyone else), and it becomes a lot easier for you to understand that this also goes for other people (incl. your love partner!). This thus increases the quality and intimacy of the relationship.
(Your investment is 37 dollars)