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What does it mean to dream about animals? (Dream interpretation animals)


Dreams about animals

Dreams about animals – what do they mean?


Dream interpretation on animals.

Animals in dreams are often about the animal sides in us – which is the instinctive, instinctual and natural sides. Interestingly, we dream less and less about animals the older we get – maybe because we grow further and further away from our true nature as we become more aware of ourselves.

Facts about animal dreams.

Approximately 2/3 of all dreams in children under 4 years of age contain animals. The number has dropped to 1/3 of all dreams in children of 5-7 years of age. In adults, animals appear in about 1/12 of all dreams. It is not known exactly why this is the case – but most scientists guess that it is simply all about us humans becoming more aware – as opposed to animals that do not have a consciousness in the same way as humans have.

However, it is possible that it is also about the fact that we in our busy, civilized world, put a lid on the animal-like sides of us. This thought is confirmed by the fact that we often dream of animals and contact with animals at times where we are not as excited for everyday projects and goals – that is when we are on holiday, and are therefore “taken out” of our everyday context. At this time there will be more space for the natural in us to unfold.

Dreams of animals as a picture of the instinctively natural.

Way back from the dream interpretations’ fathers Freud and Jung, there is a fact that dreams of animals portrays the animal-like innate and instinctual sides in ourselves which have been generally accepted in the “dream world.”

Dreams of animals represents something very deep and important in ourselves – and if you have dreamt about animals, there is good reason to try to understand what it might be about. The instinctive stands as opposed to the intellect. The “gut feeling” stands towards rational thinking/the analyzer. From my point of view, it is important that we surrender ourselves completely to our instincts/nature – but just as important that we are not solely guided by our intellect and rational thinking. The trick is to find a balance.

If we dream that we are in good contact with animals and perhaps feed some animals, it can be a picture of good contact with these more visceral layers of our psyche. Are we much “up in our head” as a popular saying (very intellectualizing rather than sentient) – well then it will not be uncommon to for example dream of a lot of insects crawling in the unconscious; our dream tries to tell us that we are forgetting something very important in ourselves, namely our gut feeling and to feel our emotions.

When trying to understand your dreams it is important to know that your dreams are… your dreams. As such, you are the best person to figure out the true meaning of your dreams.

However, it is important to learn how to generally approach your dreams. Dream dictionaries like this one are only a supplement, and if you want to fully utilize the potential of your dreams, you should start at a different place.

My online course “Unlock your DREAMlife” gives you a great foundation for understanding (and recalling) your dreams.

The primitive man.

Dreams of animals can also be a reminder that we have more “primitive” layers of our psyche, perhaps closely associated with aggression (e.g. a bear), the ability to “attack fast” (such as a shark) – or maybe not so primitive; common sense (typically associated with a fox).

Further to this, in dream interpretation it is important to look at the nature of the animal of your dreams; what do you usually associate with this animal? And do you recognize such sides/characteristics in yourself? As an inspiration, there are many ideas on what the different animals in dreams represent. Have you dreamt about animals? Feel free to write it in the comment box.

Dream dictionaries are a very helpful tool when interpreting dreams. However, generally learning how to approach your dreams, will give you a better foundation for understanding them. My online course “Unlock your DREAMlife” teaches you how to much better utilize – recall and understand – your dreams.


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NOTE: Dreams are 100% individual, and when you dream about animals, it’s almost certainly about something else for you than it is for your friend, who also dreamt about animals. Dream interpretation/dream analysis is sometimes a difficult art, and a particular interpretation of a dream is only correct if you feel “affected” by it. Therefore, it is not certain that the above mentioned interpretations are relevant to you.