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Dreams about bridges – what do they mean? (dream interpretation, bridge)

Interpreting dreams containing bridges. 

A bridge connects. It connects people, worlds, good and evil etc.

As an example, upon entering therapy it is not uncommon for the client to dream that they’re standing with their therapist at the start of a bridge.

In the dream it’s implied that the two of them need to travel to the other (and better) side of the bridge. It’s a representation of the process to come.

Of overcoming a difficult life situation.

The bridge as a transition between the stages of life.

The bridge can also be a symbol of the connection between two stages of your life (child/adult, adult/senior) – and that you at the moment are experiencing a transitory phase.

In a similar manner, the bridge can be a symbol of transition from a tough time in your life (tough because of the experiences you might have had), to a new and better time.

Or more specific; the start of a new romantic relationship or a new job, and the crossing of the bridge is then a symbol of what is ahead of you.

The bridge’s condition and the possible hardship you might face in your attempt to cross it can be symbolic of how you’re handling this period of transition.

A symbol of external – or internal – barriers you have in the process.

When trying to understand your dreams it is important to know that your dreams are… your dreams. As such, you are the best person to figure out the true meaning of your dreams.

However, it is important to learn how to generally approach your dreams. Dream dictionaries like this one are only a supplement, and if you want to fully utilize the potential of your dreams, you should start at a different place.

My online course “Unlock your DREAMlife” gives you a great foundation for understanding (and recalling) your dreams.

A bridge in your dreams as a symbol of the connection between aspects of your personality/different sides of yourself.

The bridge can also connect different aspects of your personality – aspects that perhaps have been very separated.

It could be feelings versus rational thought (heart and mind), body and soul etc.

Have you dreamt about a bridge – or several bridges? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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Dream dictionaries are a very helpful tool when interpreting dreams. However, generally learning how to approach your dreams, will give you a better foundation for understanding them. My online course “Unlock your DREAMlife” teaches you how to much better utilize – recall and understand – your dreams.


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NOTE: Dreams are 100% individual and when you dream about a bridge it is most likely going to mean something different for you compared to others who have dreamt the same.

An interpretation of a dream is only correct if you feel like it “hits you in the gut” – if you feel like “YES!” – that’s me, that’s what it is about! Try to ask someone who knows you well whether or not they think your interpretation could be true.