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How to stay playful and creative throughout life – a bulletproof method!

how to stay playful curious and creative dreams michael olsen

THIS WAS FUN! And I couldn’t help it… I just HAD to turn that lever to see what happened!
Staying connected to my curious, playful side has always been important to me, as I know it is critical for me not dying a slow mental death. But how to stay curious and playful? Here’s one bulletproof way.

At my midday walk outside the office I saw it, the fountain with the intriguing construction; a wheel that can be turned! I couldn’t help it. I had to turn it.


My kids are currently aged 6 and 8, and no doubt both of them serve as a daily reminder of the joyfulness in, and neccessity of, always staying curious. But since my kids are also growing and getting older (reeeally fast!!), they are not a permanent source of staying connected to my own playfullness. Of staying curious and constantly challening my views about the world, and about life.

So what is a more permanent source? My nocturnal dreams are. Every night they remind me of how creative I am. Simply because my dreams in themselves are direct expressions of this deep innate creativity. Just like your dreams are. Thing is however, can you recall your dreams ? And did you know that some of the biggest inventions and intellectual insights came out of (recalled!) nocturnal dreams?

The underlying technical solutions of Google. The song “Yesterday”. The periodic table. All of them results of (yes, recalled!) dreams of founder Larry Page (Google), Paul McCartney (Yesterday) and Dmitri Mendeleev (periodic table). And these are just a few examples of unbelievable many things that have come out of (there it is again, recalled!) dreams.

Can’t recall your dreams? Don’t panic. If you’re like most you probably lost your “direct” connection your dreams (your sleeping intelligence) – when you were around 10 years old. As the research in “dream socialization” shows; it makes all the difference how your parents reacted when as a child you told them about a dream (a nightmare?) you had. Was it “just a dream”, or did they take up the conversation about the dream with you? The conversation of why you had that dream at that point in your life?

Today we know that what we dream about is not coincidental. And we know that it makes sense to ponder the content of our dreams. Not only for business ideas and breakthrougts. But also for getting to know yourself much better. For preventing stress breakdown – and so much more.
Want to learn how to tap into your sleeping intelligence?

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