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Let me help you understand your dreams

Have you had a highly puzzling dream that you know can help you in your life and/or in your role as a leader?

Let me help you. I have worked 13 years in the corporate world (line management, brand management and project management in pharmaceuticals, among other things in US and in Singapore, and as a global trainer in leadership and project management in the consulting industry). I myself have gone through many years of psychoanalysis, have worked with 1:1 clients for 12 years, and have a deep understanding of the world of dreams. For more information about me, also see my LinkedIn-profile (and do connect!).


1½ hour executive dream interpretation session (via Zoom or Teams) – price USD 300,-.

In a dream interpretation session the aim is to get to a meaningful interpretation of your dream (s).

Please fill out and submit the form below, and I will get back to you asap.

Look forward to helping you understand your dreams and improve your leadership!!


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