Creating the DREAMteam: Use our sleeping intelligence - and build the strongest team ever!

Research-based workshop creating the best foundation for a successful team. When talking about and sharing our dreams - we build deep, strong and long-lasting bonds - facilitating smoother collaboration and psychological safety.

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Research-based workshop creating the best foundation for a successful team

When tuning in on our sleeping, unconscious intelligence, as expressed in the content of our nocturnal dreams, we gain higher personal insight, greater self-esteem and better relations with others (incl. our colleagues), as found by scientific research.*

In this workshop you are not only introduced to the vast amount of research underlining the power of dreams, you are also being equipped with highly practical tools on how you yourself can tune in to – and actively use – your sleeping intelligence. An intelligence mostly unused by most.

Outline of three hour teambuilding workshop:

PART 1 – INTRODUCTION:  What our sleeping intelligence – as expressed in our nocturnal dreams – can do for us when tuning in on it:

  • About research in dreams; the effect of understanding your dreams (bigger personal insight, greater self-esteem, better relations to others, and wildly creative problem-solving.
  • The surprising reason most people can no longer recall their dreams (something we were all good at as kids) – learn how to recall yours – which is more than “writing them down”, because what if there is nothing to write down?
  • What if you could make your sleeping intelligence – your dreams – directly work on a work-related or personal problem of yours? Good news – you can! Learn how to dream incubate.
  • How am I to approach my dreams in order to understand them- modern, research-based dreamwork (intro to workshop)


PART 2: WORKSHOP in smaller groups: Dive deep into actual dreams (your own or other people’s dreams) – and see a new world open up for you!

Based on the introduction you will be working with your own dreams, or dreams that Michael Olsen as brought along for the workshop (actual work-related and personal dreams that others have had).


*E.g. Hill, Dreaming, Volume 23(1), March 2013, 1-45

About Michael R Olsen

Michael Rohde Olsen is scientific researcher, awarded speaker, radio host and author in sleeping intelligence and nightly dreams. He published the bestseller book “How to understand your dreams” in 2015.

Michael holds a bachelor in psychology (Lund University), an MBA (Copenhagen Business School), and is currently researching the application of dreams and sleeping intelligence in corporate settings. He was awarded the Berlingske Newsmagazine's (Danish business magazine) talent prize for his abilities as speaker and trainer. He has been featured in many TV- and radio shows as well as publications on sleeping intelligence / dreams. He is an extremely inspirational speaker, and his energy, humor and wit motivate many to use their sleeping intelligence to a much higher degree.