Use your UNCONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE - and become a highly conscious and naturally compassionate leader

A talk where you will be introduced to how you can use your unconscious intelligence as a leader. In the exact same way Barack Obama does. You’ll learn how to tap into your large unconscious resources – and in the process become a better and more conscious, and naturally compassionate and inclusive leader.

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– and become authentically strong, more compassionate and inclusive in your leadership

When you consciously apply your unconscious intelligence, your identity as a leader will grow stronger and you will become naturally compassionate in your leadership.

You will gain self-insight on an extremely deep level (much deeper than at a traditional leadership course), resulting in better relationships with your colleagues and employees.* But not only this, you will also be able to make better decisions and solve problems much more creatively.

When learning about the power of dreams, you will immediately be able to realize how you, in your role as a leader, can obtain enormous benefits by applying your unconscious intelligence to a much higher degree.

Further, did you know that the search-engine Google partly is a result of a nightly dream its founder Larry Page had? A dream he could recall and wrote down immediately, mind you. Your dreams are an extremely creative resource for solving business problems and making better decisions.

Recalling your dreams is required in order to apply your unconscious intelligence. A skill everyone can learn with ease (which by the way is MUCH more than just writing them down – because there has to be something to write down right?).

Taking an active interest in your dreams is what it’s all about, and through your dreams you’ll gain a direct link to your unconscious intelligence. We all dream 2 hours every night and learning how to remember your dreams is surprisingly easy.

The biggest benefit from using your unconscious intelligence

The biggest benefit from actively using your unconscious intelligence is not the ability to find creative solutions to technical challenges.

The biggest benefit is on a personal level.

Scientific research has found that

  • Bigger personal insight
  • Higher self-esteem and
  • Better relations to others

are direct results of actively applying your unconscious intelligence (working with the content of your dreams).*

And as such, for you, in your role as a leader – a very deep understanding of who you are, what your strengths are and where the areas, which you can improve upon, are. Where you have – as yet – non-utilized potential.

As mentioned before, everyone – including you – dream 2 hours every night and everyone can become better at recalling his or her dreams. Everyone can learn to understand the language of dreams and the unconscious, the metaphors, in the same way.

As an example, the talk can cover the following subjects (and can always be tailored to your needs):

  • How your identity as a leader will grow much stronger by understanding your dreams, how it will lead to better and more creative problem-solving, better decisions, better relationships with your colleagues and employees, as well as an increase in productivity, energy and positivity.
  • What you can do in order to recall your dreams. You can do much to recall them- so much more than just writing them down, for example. Fundamentally, it’s all about believing that you’ll gain something valuable by working with your dreams and your unconscious intelligence.
  • Tons of examples of specific dreams, and how learning to understand them, has made a giant difference for the ones who dreamt them. At work and in the private life.

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*E.g. Hill, Dreaming, Volume 23(1), March 2013, 1-45

** Obama, Barack, Dreams from my father, 2004

About Michael R Olsen

Michael Rohde is a lecturer, author and researcher in unconscious intelligence and nightly dreams. He published the book “How to understand your dreams” with Dansk Psykologisk Forlag in 2015.

Michael holds a bachelor in psychology (Lund University), an MBA (Copenhagen Business School), and is currently researching dreams and unconscious intelligence in collaboration with Lunds University. He was granted Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin’s (Danish business magazine) talent prize in 2011 for his abilities as speaker and trainer. He has been featured in many TV- and radio shows as well as publications on unconscious intelligence. He is an extremely competent speaker and his energy, seriousness and wit, motivate many to use their unconscious intelligence to a much higher degree.