Michael Rohde Olsen

Dream Scientist, Awarded Speaker, Best-Selling Author. Igniting the corporate world with Dream Power.

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Skilled speaker with fantastic energy!

Participant, Danish Ministry of Education

Michael is a super inspiring speaker, with real presence! He is clearly passionate about his topic - so nice to experience!

Peter Norgaard, Jyske Bank (major Danish bank)

Enormously interesting talk - highly relevant and fruitful! Amazing speaker.

Participant, Novo Nordisk

Mega interesting topic, really good speaker!

Participant, Danish Association of Engineering

Highly engaged and vivid speaker. Specific tools on how to tap into your own unconscious intelligence - priceless!

Participant, ALK Abello

Great and inspiring speaker!

Participant, Government - City of Copenhagen
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What others have said about Michael R Olsen

trine frausing ceo ilse jacobsen talk michael r olsen dreams

An enormeously eye-opening talk! Very educational and with food for thought. Our unconscious intelligence is an infinitely strong tool! We invited Michael to be the main speaker at our monthly 'Lounge 'N Learn' and our employees were enormeously happy about the very inspired talk that led to lots of reflection and subsequent dialogue at the office. Michael is very authentic and present when talking - he gets five stars from me!

pia huusfelt - michael r olsen talk dreams unconscious intelligence

SO interesting how your dreams - your unconscious intelligence - can guide you in your life and in your business. After the talk I have very much heigthened my awareness on the power of my subconscious and my nocturnal dreams. In my role as leader, I am constantly facing important decisions - now also with my dreams as a tool! Michael succeeded in presenting the topic in a serious and very present and authentic way.

After a super inspiring talk and workshop with Michael, we have had a fantastic year, surpassing our goals. No doubt among other things because of the tools Michael introduced us to. I can only recommend Michael and the work he does!

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About Michael R Olsen

Michael R Olsen is research scientist, speaker and author in dreams and unconscious intelligence.

Michael holds a master of science in business, a bachelor in psychology, and now leads scientific research projects in dreams and unconscious intelligence. He has received the leading Danish business magazine (Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin) talent award for his abilities as a speaker, and has participated in numerous TV and radio shows as dream expert. It his is mission to bring the power of nocturnal dreams to the corporate world.
About Michael R Olsen